Using a combination of best-in-breed DDoS mitigation technology to which we added our own proprietary solution, the SNAPI Guard DDoS protection system has the unique ability to provide anti-DDoS solutions in a number of architectures to seamlessly protect your websites without the need for any additional hardware, software or training on your part. No other provider can match this versatility.

SNAPI Guard’s protection solution relies on smart and advanced software and powerful hardware. It combines smart signature and behaviour identification algorithms with a global network of high-powered servers.

Protect your network AND applications

SNAPI Guard’s scrubbing solutions are built to mitigate the largest network DDoS attacks, such as SYN flood and DNS amplifications, and can scale, on-demand, to counter massively large DDoS attacks. Using a combination of behaviour and reputation analysis, crowd-sourcing, rate-based heuristic and a series of progressive challenges, SNAPI Guard’s traffic inspection technology differentiates legitimate website visitors from malicious bots. This capability is critical in respect of layer 7 (applications) attacks, where the malicious request is made to look like a legitimate one. The “scrubbing” servers perform deep packet inspections to identify and block malicious packets based on the most granular of details. SNAPI Guard’s new technology enables the inspection of all the attributes of each incoming packet, while serving hundreds of gigabits of traffic.

Enjoy full protection against known AND emerging threats

SNAPI Guard’s best-in-class technology allows the evolution of its DDoS protection, enabling it to provide customers with the best protection against massively large attacks as well as highly sophisticated application layer attacks.

SNAPI Guard collects and displays traffic data in real time, enabling immediate detection and response to DDoS attacks. Being able to respond in seconds instead of minutes is critical for effective mitigation. SNAPI Guard’s true real-time monitoring capabilities give you live visibility into incoming traffic streams, with detailed information on suspicious visitors and abnormal behaviour.