Proprietary technology

A unique fully-managed protection system against cyber attacks

Based on your specific needs, SNAPI Guard will enable you to enjoy quick and seamless access to a secure Internet link, and protect your network infrastructure, DNS servers, website and applications and emails from unauthorized or malicious intrusions, while also allowing you to comply with all relevant international industry security standards and privacy legislations. Affordable, SNAPI Guard requires no hardware, software or training investment.

Proven protection tailored to your needs

Using a combination of best-in-breed DDoS mitigation technology to which we added our own proprietary solution, SNAPI Guard scalable protection has   the highest levels of scalability and resiliency, as required, to handle the largest network DDoS attacks. SNAPI Guard is specifically designed to protect all elements of your mission-critical infrastructure across entire subnet ranges. SNAPI Guard adapts to any existing infrastructure and works with all ISPs.

Deep packet inspection

Based on SNAPI Guard’s security expertise and using proprietary technology developed specifically for this purpose, these servers perform robust deep packet inspection (DPI) in order to identify and block malicious packets based on the most granular of details. This new technology lets us inspect all attributes of each incoming packet, while serving hundreds of gigabits of traffic.

Evolving response in real time

We have the flexibility to evolve our DDoS and WAF protection, enabling us to provide the best protection against massively large attacks, as well as highly sophisticated application (layer 7) attacks.



Enjoy complete web protection in a SNAP!

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