SNAPI Guard chosen as global technical support delivery for top CyberSecurity vendor in AsiaPac

Publish on: 20 June 2018
Category: Globally recognized cyber security expertise,

For the past several years SNAPI Guard has become the preferred managed security service provider for large and small, enterprise and service provider, and cloud-based and infrastructure-based companies.  Our expertise and excellent service capabilities has long been recognized by our customers as they continually ask SNAPI Guard to take over more and more cyber security services –such as, managed firewalls, managed IDS/IPS, data encryption, End Point Protection, Incident Response, CDN, Pen Testing, etc.  However recently, our security knowledge and excellent service reputation has triggered the largest cyber security equipment and S/W  vendor (DDoS, F/W, WAF, IDS/IPS) in AsiaPac to subcontract their global technical support to SNAPI Guard.  This relationship will provide SNAPI Guard with even greater IP, threat intelligence and further enhance our cyber security expertise.  At present, SNAPI Guard cannot mention the vendor by name until the contract is finalized in the summer of 2018.