SNAPI Guard Assists Cryptocurrency Miners find DataCenter Space and Power

Publish on: 5 July 2018
Category: SNAPI Guard finds DC Space/Power for Canadian Crypto Miners,

SNAPI Guard has several cryptocurrency miners as managed security vendors and the recent shortage of datacenter space and power in Canada has limited their growth potential.

Since SNAPI Guard has datacenter partners all over the world, they’ve been able to find space and power for Canadian cryptocurrency miners that are unable to find space/power in Canada.

“It’s funny that we didn’t even know that it was an issue until a customer mentioned it casually in a meeting” said Martin Lococo, VP Global Sales SNAPI Guard.  “After we heard, we were able to hook up our customers with datacenter partners all over the globe that have tons of space and GW of power to help satisfy their needs”

SNAPI Guard is now bridging the gap between their global datacenter partners and miners throughout Canada.