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Publish on: 29 September 2016
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SNAPI Guard partners with ROOT Data Center’s robust ecosystem


ROOT welcomes SNAPI to become member of its fully neutral partner program


September 29, 2016

MONTREAL, QC – SNAPI Guard, committed to protecting business-critical data and applications in the cloud and on-premises, today announced that it will join ROOT Data Center’s partner ecosystem. ROOT is a leading fully-neutral colocation provider based in Montreal.

ROOT Data Center customers depend on uptime and performance of their websites and online applications. By leveraging SNAPI Guard, ROOT’s clients can boost their infrastructure and web application security, thus improving their websites’ performance and accessibility.

“SNAPI Guard provides a comprehensive protection for its customers, without adding unnecessary cost or downtime to integrate. For customers that rely on their websites to conduct business, any downtime is unacceptable,” says Michael Tememe, President of SNAPI Guard.

“This further cement ROOT’s pioneering status as Canada’s leadi­­­ng, fully neutral data center. SNAPI is an important addition to our growing ecosystem of firms that can partner, collaborate and compete with one another,” says ROOT VP of Sales, Roger Brulotte. “SNAPI’s 100 per cent uptime guarantee is in line with our own industry-leading standards, making them a natural fit here at ROOT.”


About SNAPI Guard

SNAPI Guard is the fastest growing IT Security service provider in Canada, providing cutting-edge and affordable protection to internet-facing companies. SNAPI Guard mitigates large DDoS attacks that flood the Internet pipe, and flushes protocol-based attacks (“bad” traffic) before they reach your site. Furthermore, SNAPI Guard’s next generation Web application firewall identifies malicious traffic in real time using deep packet inspection and rule & policy enforcement to protect your website and applications from misuse of legitimate Web transactions causing denial of service breaches such as HTTP floods.


About ROOT Data Center

ROOT Data Center specializes in next-generation colocation that goes beyond just security and reliability. We offer our expertise to service IT organizations, helping them outperform their markets with industry-leading deployment speed, energy efficiency, and power density solutions. We have invested considerable time and effort in providing customers with efficient, modular infrastructure so they can grow their business in confidence, while benefiting from significant reductions in IT expense. Less power to waste, more power to you. For more information, visit