MSSPs such as SG help implement standard security posture for global companies

Publish on: 17 July 2018
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SNAPI Guard helps global client improve security posture

A global educational institution with over 40 campuses globally has decided to standardize on SNAPI Guard for their global managed security services.

SNAPI Guard was originally contracted with the institution to protect some of their infrastructure from DDoS attacks, and all of their on-line applications from DDoS and WAF attacks via the SNAPI Guard Always-On service.  This contract was signed in the summer of 2017.

Since SNAPI Guard was managing some of the client’s infrastructure and all of their online applications on a 7×24 basis, it became obvious to SNAPI Guard that different campuses/regions employed different IDS/IPS policies, different firewall policies, and different mitigation strategies for the various ‘other’ cyber security protection required – other than  what SNAPI Guard was originally contracted to do.

Since SNAPI Guard’s global threat intelligence aims to protect ALL customers against ALL new attacks, it was decided that a global protection policy would be put in place at the client in order to best protect all campuses and applications against all attacks.

SNAPI Guard was contracted to:

  • Manage all firewalls across the 40 campuses globally in order to implement standard policies across the various technologies without having to replace all of the existing firewall infrastructure. SNAPI Guard was tasked to implement best practices and NOT replace any of their firewalls.
  • Manage all IDS/IPS such that there were standard and competent detection and mitigation/prevention strategies implemented across all campuses. Again, SNAPI Guard did not have to purchase/replace new IDS/IPS appliances in order to do this – they simply utilized the existing infrastructure, best practices, threat intelligence, in order to implement the best and most consistent protection across all campuses
  • Manage End Point Protection such that there was a consistent end point protection policy put in place across all campuses.
  • Manage GSLB such that application and service availability was consistent across all campuses and all cloud infrastructure(s) being used

Utilizing an MSSP such as SNAPI Guard can help a company implement consistent cyber security detection, mitigation and prevention policies across all campuses and facilities.  All reporting across campuses has also been standardized and consolidated.