MSSPs help improve Security Posture, Decrease Costs, and allow your resources to focus on revenue growth

Publish on: 28 June 2018
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What is an MSSP?

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are specialized IT service companies that focus on security services as their prime business. These customized and specialized service providers offer adaptive security to encompass best security measures for small, medium and large-sized businesses. Whether it’s an enterprise, service provider or data center, MSSP understand your security requirements and provide personalized support.

According to Norton Cyber Security Report, record attacks have taken place in 2017. 978 million people were affected by cybercrime attacks in the year 2017. These numbers are just for 20 countries in the world. This has resulted in an estimated $172 billion losses.

When studied in detail it was found that the major reason behind these cybercrimes was lack of focus and expertise on the customer’s side. Users and administrators often leave their virtual doors open to threats which enable cyber criminals to find the vulnerable spots and attack them.

This is why smart companies hire MSSPs – Managed Security Service Providers. They play an integral role in offering advanced security and compliance services to organizations.  Rather than have your network engineer, routing specialist or desktop IT guru sub in as a cyber security expert, let the experts do it because it’s all they do.  Your security infrastructure will benefit from their global experience….e.g. a new attack on customer #245 results in protection updates for all of their customers.


What does an MSSP do?


Essentially, MSSPs manage a company’s security infrastructure so that it best protects the company’s assets – infrastructure, data, application and availability.  They identify risks, ensure the systems are able to fight these cyber threats and mitigate them. Moreover, in many cases, they also enable a single management view to provide centralized visibility and control. But fundamentally, they are focused on providing a company with the necessary security to safeguard your systems and data.

The MSSP sector, although a decade old, is experience exponential growth lately due to the increasing volume and complexity of cyber security attacks. It continues to demonstrate the vibrancy of a fresh market with market projections of reaching $31.0 billion in 2019.


There are many benefits in collaborating with MSSP. Some of them include:


  1. Guidance and input from certified security experts
  2. Enhanced protection with 24/7 services and attention to detail.
  3. Advance technology hardware and software – typically they only deploy the best equipment for the job
  4. Recommendations on how and when is best to renew/update your existing security hardware and software
  5. Your network engineering team can focus on fulfilling customer requirements and assist the customer facing teams.
  6. Benefit knowing that your assets are protected by a team (the MSSP) that manages security for hundreds/thousands of customers. They implement best in class practices, and also have standard procedures for immediately implementing detection/mitigation defenses across ALL customers, once one new ‘attack’ is discovered in ONE customer.
  7. In depth security event analysis across all security elements – cloud, internet pipe, DDoS appliance, edge routers, firewalls, IDS/IPS, ADC/GSLB, WAF, etc.
  8. A standard service catalog and standardized SLA’s


These highly-specialized experts work in collaboration with your in-house staff to become an extension of your staff, for less $$$, yet deliver much more service. You can envision the MSSP to be an extended/enhanced version of your IT department meant only for solving multifaceted cyber security issues.



What are the services provided by MSSP?


As the volume and complexity of cyberthreats loom in the near future, employing the services of an MSSP is of paramount importance. Managed Security Service Providers implement complex and targeted solutions to augment your security requirements.

Information security holds predominant significance in this digital era. From ensuring availability of services to securing client records/confidential information of employees – executives are concerned about the threat of a breach. MSSPs protect a company’s critical infrastructure, data, and assets 24×7 so that you do not have to.



Major services of MSSP include:


  • Complete Vulnerability Assessments, Pen Testing, Social Engineering, etc to evaluate a company’s ability to thwart cyber attacks
  • Protection from cyberthreats – Intrusion prevention systems (IPS), Anti-virus (AV)
  • Implementation and/or management of DDoS solutions (CPE, Cloud, etc. all vendors)
  • Implementation and/or management of Firewalls (UTMs, NGFWs, etc. all vendors)
  • Implementation and/or management of IDS/IPS (all vendors)
  • Implementation and/or management of ADC/GSLB (all vendors)
  • Implementation and/or management of WAF (CPE or Cloud based all vendors)
  • 24/7 Security updates an patching
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Centralized Management
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Anti-spam
  • Threat intelligence (early warning and detection prior to the attack)
  • Expert staff with certification on required technologies
  • Risk assessments, management, and gap analysis – Measurable KPI’s
  • Solution scoping and requisition
  • Configuration management and patch management
  • Policy development and solution implementation
  • Regular service reports

In many cases, a proficient MSSP can also provide other umbrella services of the IT field including resolution of Software as a Service (SaaS) security matters and Cloud transition complications.


Ideally, your company should employ a specialized department to recognize the cyber threats and immediately offer a solution to handle such situations – across all types of cyber security attacks. Retaining a dedicated, highly capable in-house security team is very costly and hard to keep as the demand for cyber security experts is tremendous. They don’t have enough work to justify the hiring of dedicated professionals for each type of cyber security attack, detection, and prevention solution. Hence, in such cases, MSSPs offer an attractive alternative providing the best security posture/coverage, saving your company OpEx and CapEx dollars, and also relieving your customer facing resources from dealing with cyber security threats 23×7.

From scaling up security to increased visibility into threats, MSSP bridges the gap by providing their technical know-how from having faced similar experiences in their past. They can also assist you in providing back-up and monitoring during the off-hours.



When should I hire MSSP? Is there a correct time to hire MSSP?


An ideal MSSP can offer you assistance at any point in the lifespan of your business.

In the beginning, when you initiate the process of installing security solutions, an MSSP can send you suitable recommendations according to your budget, number of employees, and customer requirements. If you are a step ahead, an MSSP can also help in installing and designing the solutions to suit your prerequisites and bring out the highest efficiency of your employees.

If the solution is already installed and you have reached your breaking point, a supreme MSSP will guide you to achieve the most out of the solution with best measurable KPIs and management of the solution…when that solution is EOL, the MSSP will make recommendations on a new solution, include the CapEx of the solution in their monthly price, and fully manage that new solution so it means absolutely zero impact to your operating environment.



MSSPs help your network and engineering team focus on customer requirements


The number of cyber attacks have increased significantly. Subsequently, the IT security budget is estimated to grow by 38% by 2020.

With the imminent dangers, business leaders and engineering teams have shifted their focus from products or fulfilling their goals to internally fighting cyber security. This can have major repercussions if not managed properly.  Many stories have been told about the CEO of firms claiming that they used to talk about growth, new customers, M&As, and other high level business subjects and now all they hear about is how Johnny in engineering is working on getting their website up, or resolving a DDoS attack, getting their network up, or finding out how someone broke into their network and stole all their customer’s critical information.

If the product is not updated every time or new features are not added to the same, the clients might feel unsatisfied. This will result into loss of clients and negative publicity in the market. Thus, it is necessary to partner with an MSSP so that the engineering teams can re-focus on fulfilling the demands of customers.

Free up your internal engineering team to focus on core business requirements. MSSPs are a cost-effective expert instead of engaging your in-house team to do a mediocre job .

Presently, 50% of firms are open to working with MSSP. The numbers will drastically increase in the next 3 years. Gartner predicts that 83% of companies plan to outsource some of their IT security to MSSPs. Consequently, the market will be worth $33.68 billion by 2021.

This will create a “Black Friday-like frenzy for cybersecurity talent.”

Lastly, MSSPs also offer you an advantage by cutting down extensively on the prices. Imagine the task of buying and maintaining cybersecurity solutions. You will also need to train the staff to manage these solutions and pay them the required salaries and perks.

MSSPs serve as the perfect substitute in replacing the large capital investment accompanying cybersecurity tools, staff, and operational cost. You can take benefit of it all at a fraction of the cost.

The cyber attacks are rising and so are the cyber solutions. It is your turn to act by choosing to hire an ideal team to work and deliver the best-secured system. The benefits listed above will give you a clear outline on why you need MSSPs to safeguard and grow your business.


Keep your security solutions operating at peak performance with the correct MSSP. SNAPI Guard can be that MSSP.


SNAPI Guard offers an extensive suite of cyber security solutions:

  • Design, implementation and configuration of DDoS appliances, firewalls, IDS/IPS, ADC/GSLB, WAF, etc.
  • Fully managed DDoS protection, both CPE appliance and cloud DDoS protection
  • Fully managed Firewall – both your existing equipment and our equipment if req’d
  • Fully managed IDS/IPS – both your existing equipment and our equipment if req’d
  • Fully managed AD/GSLB – both your existing equipment and our equipment if req’d
  • Fully managed WAF – both your existing equipment and our equipment if req’d
  • Fully managed End Point Protection – both your existing equipment and our equipment if req’d
  • Pen Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, and other Security assessments
  • Digital Forensics
  • Incident Response Services