MSPS can profit from the current surge in cyber security spending with SNAPI Guard’s MSSP partner program

Publish on: 14 April 2017
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MSPS can profit from the current surge in cyber security spending with SNAPI Guard’s MSSP partner program


Join a community of Hosting companies and MSPs that have partnered with SNAPI Guard’s Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) partner program, to increase value to customers and build new recurring revenue streams.


DDoS and related attacks are a clear and present danger to businesses and organizations across Canada. The resulting significant growth in cyber security services and outsourcing (see recent Gartner research) spending has set the stage for new growth opportunities for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Enterprises are augmenting their in-house staff by partnering with third-party cyber security experts focused on protecting their clients’ information so that the in-house IT team can focus on revenue-generating priorities. SMBs, many of which lack the manpower and expertise in-house to protect their data, are especially open to outsourcing their security needs to a third-party security partner.


SNAPI Guard’s MSSP Partner Program


Through SNAPI Guard’s MSSP Partner Program, the company works with MSPs supplementing their teams and complementing that ‘closeness to customers’ that MSPs enjoy. SNAPI Guard offers fully managed Secure Internet Link, Always-On Protection, Hybrid and DDoS scrubbing solutions to MSPs. It’s a concept designed to help compensate for the lack of qualified staff and expertise and budget constraints.

The SNAPI Guard MSSP Partner Program enables Hosting & MSPs to:

  • Deliver DDoS attack protection & reporting to customers and tenants
  • Build a new recurring revenue stream
  • Gain visibility in a high-profile market

Our partners appreciate us as a powerful, complementary resource in their Cyber Security arsenal bearing in mind:

  • attackers are constantly implementing new ways to conduct DDoS attacks;
  • DDoS attacks are being used as a distraction or smokescreen for installing malware and stealing data;
  • Not all organisations do include DDoS mitigation as part of their security strategy;
  • The growing sophistication of DDoS attacks require both local and upstream protections that work in sync; and
  • DDoS mitigation is a shared responsibility between IT security, operations and MSPs.

SNAPI Guard is the first managed security service provider to deliver complete cyber protection to Internet-facing companies – at a fraction of the traditional cost while respecting Canada’s data privacy laws.

Check out this recent material which explains how SNAPI Guard helps organizations fight back against cyberattacks.

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