Managed DDoS Protection: The Perfect Solution

Publish on: 10 August 2017
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Managed DDoS solutions are perfect for any company regardless of size. Having a fully managed solution guarantees that the end user does not have to employ a team of qualified network engineer to run their DDoS solution, no matter the scale. This means costs savings for everyone.


When you purchase a traditional DDoS solution you need to not only buy an expensive appliance and expensive support but also a qualified workforce to monitor and respond to threats. With the current cyber threat landscape, having solely DDoS attack mitigation is no longer sufficient,  other protections are needed, which means more hardware and more costs. When an attacker targets your “network”, a DDoS attack is only one of many vectors of attack and is often just a distraction for other attacks like SQL injection and many others. A managed solution minimizes all of these costs into a highly affordable and scalable package.


According to “Indeed”, the average network engineer’s salary is $90,000 a year and in order to effectively manage a sustained DDoS attack you need a minimum of two but during a cyberattack you will need even more staff or hire external consultants to manage and resolve the attack while sustaining normal functions. Not only do network engineers cost a lot but they are difficult to find and retain. DDoS mitigation is a hard to find skillset for network engineers and will come at a premium price or you will have to pay for expensive training of your network engineer(s).


Finally there is the cost of hardware, they could not avoid in the past, to do in-house mitigation, which can cost anywhere from a few hundred thousand to millions of dollars. All of this can be avoided by using a managed solution which is affordable, scalable, and cost-effective for all sizes of companies costing as little as several hundred a month.


No more relying on network engineers and expensive hardware to stop DDoS attacks, let someone else take care of it. Every company needs protection and a managed solution makes it both scalable and affordable for every business from the small e-commerce site to the mega corporation.