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SNAPI Guard Cloud Security is an ultra-light solution: all processes take place in the cloud and clients need no additional resources, minimizing the investment




SNAPI Guard Cloud Securityis incredibly easy to use. All the information needed to protect PCs, servers, and Exchange servers are available through the solution’s Web console.




SNAPI Guard Cloud Security offers immediate and effective protection against known and unknown (zero-day) threats and spam, thanks to real-time cloud connectivity.


SNAPI Guard Cloud Security protects systems using security technology that has been rated
first time and time again. It does not require on-site server hardware and maintenance as it is
managed by Cloud Security Console, a powerful and intuitive interface to a solution that can scale to defend any number of systems, no matter where they are located.

SNAPI Guard Cloud Security is silent and unobtrusive – user input is not required as scans, updates
and configuration changes are centrally managed and commonly performed in the background. From the perspective of management ease, it simply delivers the benefits of an enterprise on-premise security solution for end-user systems and servers without the overhead of additional software, hardware and dedicated IT staff. This makes it the preferred choice for organizations looking for a cost-effective security solution that is simple to manage, yet also flexible and robust.

We offer you a cross-platform security solution which is easy to install and manage, and requires no new infrastructure.

SNAPI Guard Cloud Security resides in the cloud, and is ready for use instantly. An additional benefit is that Stealth Cloud Security for Endpoints grows with an organization. There is never a need to upgrade or expand Cloud Security Console capabilities as all of the features and scaling capacity that are expected of enterprise-class security solutions are available instantly, and from day one.


Main benefits


Robust, cross-platform protection for workstations and Exchange mail servers

Enjoy proactive, real-time protection from the cloud, with maximum levels of protection against malware, spam and zero-day exploits, personal and managed firewall protection and behavioral detection technologies.

A single solution that provides centralized control from the cloud for Windows, Mac and Linux and is optimized for Exchange Servers, VMWare, Microsoft and Citrix virtualized environments.


Easy to use, easy to maintain

Stealth Cloud Security can be installed and administered at any time, from anywhere transparently to end users. Inform us of any questions or incidents, quickly and easily with the integrated tickets tool.


Maximizes security control

Configure detailed settings for all users, flexibly grouping them in a multi-layer structure. It also includes centralized monitoring of the security status of all your PCs, servers and portable devices through intuitive dashboards that will give you simple yet complete control over your network security.
Launch remedial action remotely and on-demand for any computers with security problems


Complete Internet monitoring and Web filtering

Stealth Cloud Security monitors and blocks access to websites with unproductive or dangerous content for your company during working hours regardless of the browser used. All without the need to install ‘heavy’ browser bars that slow down Web browsing.


Minimizes maintenance costs and resource consumption

Cloud-hosted service leveraging specific technologies to reduce resource and bandwidth consumption. No investment is required in infrastructure or specialized personnel.


Simple, centralized management through a hosted Web console.

Centrally manage the antivirus and firewall protection of your Windows, Mac and Linux workstations, even those in distributed offices or mobile machines, from any web browser.


Remedial actions.

Resolve any security issues remotely by launching Stealth Cloud Cleaner Monitor on-demand to repair any systems infected by advanced, non-conventional malware

Remotely reboot servers and workstations to ensure all product updates are installed


Real-time monitoring and reports

Detailed monitoring of your IT infrastructure in real-time thanks to comprehensive and intuitive dashboards. Reports can be generated and sent automatically, detailing the protection status, detections and inappropriate use of resources.


Profile-based protection.

Assign profile-based protection policies, ensuring the most appropriate policies are applied to each group of users.


Centralized device control.

Block devices (USB drives and modems, webcams, DVD/CD, etc.) or establish the actions allowed (access, blocking, read, write) to prevent malware from entering or data leakages.


Web monitoring and filtering

Increase user productivity by preventing and/or monitoring access to content belonging to categories considered unproductive or dangerous during working hours, regardless of the type of browser used.


No more saturated mailboxes

Keep Exchange servers free from spam and malicious messages that jeopardize users’ security and productivity. Optimized for Exchange servers


Malware Freezer

Do not get burned by false positives again. Malware Freezer freezes detected malware for seven days just in case there is a false positive, in which case the file is automatically restored to the system.


ISO 27001 and SAS 70 compliant. Guaranteed 24×7 availability

The solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure with complete data protection guaranteed. Our data centers are ISO 27001 and SAS 70 certified.

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