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In today’s connected world, the threat landscape is becoming increasingly complex with attacks that are more specific, agile and sophisticated in nature. Cyber security threats continue to challenge the operation of your business, employee safety and protection of your digital assets and intellectual property. The growing sophistication of cyber criminals demands even greater advances in information security practices, which drives the increased need for qualified information security staff.

When your business is the target of the inevitable cyber attack, how will you respond? Do you have an agile and up-to-date incident response plan and approach? Is your response team prepared to perform well in a crisis situation through regular plan testing? Do you have the appropriate resources pre-arranged and available to ensure a swift response to an incident?

To effectively respond to a cyber attack, you must have a solid plan, be prepared to execute, and have your resources ready to respond. Without a well-planned and rehearsed response capability, incidents will quickly become unmanageable, unpredictable and even chaotic situations. Every organization is different, each with its unique risks and threats, which requires a comprehensive incident response program that is up-to-date and tailored to the environment.


Planning for an incident

Being prepared for a cyber incident is essential in ensuring your incident response team can successfully navigate the tasks required to recover successfully. An effective response capability relies on an agile and up-to-date incident response plan that is tailored to the organization’s environment as well as confirmed access to experienced resources to supplement your in-house capabilities.

Our incident planning service provides a detailed evaluation of the current state of your organization’s threat detection and incident response program against our best practices, national and international standards and understanding of current attacker methodology.

The resulting information provides the foundation for creating an updated incident response plan that includes guidance on preparation, anomalous behavior detection, incident management, technical response and communications plans.


Preparing for an incident

Practice makes perfect is especially true when it comes to being prepared to execute an incident response plan, make sound decisions under duress and produce results in a difficult situation. Understanding the plan and team member roles and responsibilities is critical. Hence the team must routinely execute the plan against a variety of scenarios to develop the ‘muscle memory’ required to perform well in potential crisis situation.

Whether tabletop exercise or mock attack, our experts lead the exercise that brings together all resources involved in the incident response plan including senior management. Our incident exercises are tailored to your organization, business sector and specific internal teams and skill sets. We provide a way for all relevant teams to experience the reality of a cyber attack and prepare themselves to ensure they can respond successfully when it matters.


Responding to an incident

When facing a cyber incident your organization must be prepared and staffed to respond effectively. The appropriate resources must be pre-arranged and readily available to ensure a swift and successful response without unnecessary delay and potential chaos.

Our incident response and management service provides the skilled resources and procedures to ensure successful containment, remediation and recovery of a data breach. Our incident management process addresses requirements for investigation, communications, briefings and stakeholder engagement activities.


Incident readiness service

The Incident Readiness Service (IRS) combines the incident planning and preparing components into an annual service that ensures your incident response plan and capabilities are reviewed and improved annually. Routine reviews and updates are essential to keep pace with cyber threat landscape and organizational dynamics. The IRS service provides additional benefits to include a prearranged incident response framework and the comfort of knowing that our talented and experience incident responders are available for the organization at a discounted rate.


Service models

Retained                     –             Retained service contract with priority response

Prepared                    –             Framework contact in place with experts on standby

Emergency                –             Rapid response with no previous contract in place


Sample Service Model

Mid-Market Gold Incident Response Retainer Service

Prepaid Retained IR Service    –    40 Hour initial T&M block

1-800 Emergency Access

SNAPi Guard Team Lead

Limited Pre-Planning Engineering

IR Engineers

Annual Retainer Cost $20,000 local currency (CAD$ or US$)



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