SNAPI Guard Application Stress Testing


Performance and Stress Testing


SNAPI Guard has a large infrastructure and many skilled engineers – this is ideal for testing the scalability of your product. Whether your product is client/server, mobile, web-based, or something new, SNAPI Guard ‘s engineers can design tests that will meet your specific needs.

SNAPI Guard’s load and performance testing lab has extensive knowledge and experience testing a variety of products from small-scale content websites to enterprise applications and everything in between.

Load, stress, performance, and scalability services include:

  • Load and scalability testing
  • Performance measurement
  • Use case creation
  • Web log analysis
  • Performance measurement
  • Results analysis and recommendations

SNAPI Guard also utilizes network and packet generators, application delivery controllers (load balancers) and servers to simulate and generate various stress and load scenarios, congestions, geographic distribution, content specific and many other customized features such as;

  • Browser specific,
  • End user hardware specific, mobile phones, PC, MAC
  • Clients from VPNs,
  • Clients from proxy,
  • Geographic latency
  • Jitter, delay, packet loss, fragmentation, etc.
  • Compression and Caching

SNAPI Guard uses applications (including pure Java) designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance of various applications. We originally designed this service for testing Web Applications but however we’ve expanded the service to test other applications/functions.


SNAPI Guard Stress Testing can be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources, Web dynamic applications.

SNAPI Guard will simulate heavy loads servers, groups of servers, networks or objects to test their strength or to assess overall application/solution performance under different load types.

SNAPI Guard Application Stress Testing Features

  • SNAPI Guard can load and test performance on many different applications/server/protocol types:
    • Web – HTTP, HTTPS (Java, NodeJS, PHP, ASP.NET, …)
    • SOAP / REST Webservices
    • FTP
    • Database via JDBC
    • LDAP
    • Message-oriented middleware (MOM) via JMS
    • Mail – SMTP(S), POP3(S) and IMAP(S)
    • Native commands or shell scripts
    • TCP
    • Java Objects
  • Test Plan recording (from Browsers or native applications), building and debugging.
  • Complete dynamic HTML report
  • Complete dynamic analysis of test results.



SNAPI Guard can also recommend and/or make changes to improve application performance.  Examples of this are:

  • tweaking/refining of ADC/LB/GSLB configurations
  • recommendations on additional capacity to handle load
  • DevOps feedback to improve performance

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