Uninterrupted internal and external communications and zero business disruption

Email traffic is the lifeblood of any organization. Internally, it is used to exchange ideas, points of view, strategic commentaries, schedule resources, plan production runs and the like. Externally, it is used to obtain information, firm-up business opportunities, place or confirm orders, etc. Taken as a whole, these actions have a direct bearing on the organization’s productivity and bottom line. How would your organization be impacted if it lost its email capability for an hour, a day or more? And you know the crippling effect that the disclosure of confidential email files can have on an organization’s competitive position, credibility and reputation.

To protect your mail servers, SNAPI Guard identifies known and emerging threats as they appear using proprietary, self-developed technologies built from the ground up, and applies remedies, in real time, against all types of cyber attacks. SNAPI Guard’s comprehensive protection solution includes dedicated hardware (i.e., scrubbing servers) with the highest levels of resiliency and scalability in order to handle the largest network DDoS attacks.