Protect your DNS servers from malicious queries that can cripple your Web operations

Your DNS server is a critical component of your IT network as it enables the tracking of individual IP addresses to regulate the flow of data over the Web. Malicious hackers can exploit the vulnerabilities of your DNS server to replace legitimate IP addresses and redirect traffic to different websites of their choice, use DNS amplification to spread the attack to other DNS servers or simply swamp your server to render it incapable of processing legitimate requests.

Using a combination of best-in-breed DDoS mitigation technology to which we added our own proprietary solution, SNAPI Guard protects your DNS servers by identifying known and emerging threats as they appear and applying remedies, in real time, against all types of cyber attacks. SNAPI Guard’s comprehensive protection solution includes dedicated hardware (i.e., scrubbing servers) with the highest levels of resiliency and scalability in order to handle the largest and broadest network DDoS attacks. Only “clean” queries reach your servers, ensuring uninterrupted, legitimate operations.