Protect your infrastructure from even the largest and smartest DDoS attacks - our OpEx pricing includes the $$$ for expensive DDoS protection CPE !

Volumetric and protocol-based DDoS attacks have the power to critically cripple your infrastructure. SNAPI Guard’s fully managed Infrastructure Protection service is specifically designed to protect all elements of your mission-critical infrastructure across entire subnet ranges. Leveraging border gateway protocol (BGP) routing or through DNS redirection, this on-demand service provides blanket DDoS protection for all types of environments such as UDP/TCP, SMTP, FTP, SSH and VoIP. BGP routing also protects against “origin attacks”, whereby an attacker might otherwise be able to launch a DDoS attack directly on your Web server IP address without using DNS resolution.

This service works as follows: in case of an attack, traffic is re-routed via BGP or DNS redirection through SNAPI Guard’s powerful cloud-based scrubbing units. Incoming network traffic is inspected and filtered, and only legitimate traffic is securely forwarded to your network via generic routing encapsulation (GRE) tunneling or, if using DNS redirection, it will be fully proxied to your IP address.

Using proprietary, self-developed technologies built from the ground up, SNAPI Guard identifies known and emerging threats as they appear and applies remedies in real time against all types of cyber attacks. SNAPI Guard’s comprehensive protection solution includes dedicated hardware (i.e., scrubbing servers) with the highest levels of resiliency and scalability in order to handle the smartest and largest network DDoS attacks. Only “clean” traffic reaches your servers, ensuring your continued operations and protecting your hardware, software and network infrastructure investment.