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  • DDoS Network Protection from SNAPI Guard (layers 3, 4)

    SNAPI Guard’s DDoS Network Protection mitigates DDoS attacks on layers 3, 4  with its scrubbing solutions built to handle the largest network DDoS attacks, such as SYN flood and DNS amplifications. SNAPI Guard’s global network of scrubbing centers can scale, on demand, to mitigate small and large volumetric DDoS attacks.

    DDoS Network Protection

  • Can I turn off the protection at any time?

    Yes. SNAPI Guard’s protection solutions can easily be turned off at your discretion.

  • Which SNAPI Guard plan or architecture should I choose?

    We highly recommend that you talk to one of our security experts in order to plan and obtain the most relevant, yet affordable, solution to your specific needs.

  • Will there be any downtime when setting up SNAPI Guard?

    Absolutely no downtime. We make sure you won’t lose even a single visit.

  • What is SNAPI Guard’s setup process?

    The setup process will begin once you choose your plan and open an account. You will be asked to submit the domain URL of the website you want to protect. We will then scan your DNS records and provide you with instructions to change your DNS records. Once you complete the DNS records change, traffic to your website will gradually be routed through SNAPI Guard’s network of powerful servers. Within 48 hours, only «clean» traffic will transit to your network.

  • My website uses SSL – can SNAPI Guard support it?

    Yes. SNAPI Guard automatically identifies when websites that support SSL traffic (HTTPS) are added to the service. In such a case, SNAPI Guard will lead you through a simple process of supporting SSL. In order to enable SNAPI Guard to support SSL traffic for your website, we will need to generate a certificate for your domain that will be hosted on our servers.

  • Will I need to change my hosting provider/Registrar/Name Server?

    No. With SNAPI Guard your hosting provider will remain the same. The only thing you are changing is the A record and a CNAME in your DNS records.

  • How do I change my website’s DNS records?

    When you add your site to SNAPI Guard you get a CNAME for your subdomains (, and an IP address for your top level domain ( You will be instructed to replace your existing DNS entries for those domains with the entries you received from SNAPI Guard. In order to make these changes, all you need to do is log into your DNS management console.

  • What is DNS and why do I have to change the DNS records?

    Your DNS records direct your visitors to your web server IP. To start routing traffic through SNAPI Guard and to take advantage of our security and acceleration services, your DNS records should instruct visitors to send requests to the SNAPI Guard servers. By making two simple DNS changes, your traffic will be filtered by SNAPI Guard and we will send, only clean traffic, back to your web server.

  • My network infrastructure spans an entire subnet. Can SNAPI Guard protect it?

    Yes. SNAPI Guard’s Infrastructure Protection service is specifically designed to protect all elements of your mission-critical infrastructure across entire subnet ranges. Leveraging border gateway protocol (BGP) routing, this on-demand service provides blanket DDoS protection for all types of environments such as, amongst others, UDP/TCP, SMTP, FTP, SSH and VoIP. BGP routing also protects against “origin attacks”, whereby an attacker might otherwise be able to launch a DDoS attack directly to your web server IP address without the use of DNS resolution.

    This service works in the following manner: in the event of an attack, traffic is re-routed through SNAPI Guard’s cloud-based scrubbing units. From this point on, SNAPI Guard acts as your Internet service provider and advertises all protected IP range announcements. Incoming network traffic is inspected and filtered, and only legitimate traffic is securely forwarded to your network via generic routing encapsulation (GRE) tunnelling.

  • DNS-targeted DDoS attacks are mitigated by SNAPI Guard’s solutions

    SNAPI Guard protects against DNS-targeted DDoS attacks, preventing these servers from becoming a single point of failure. SNAPI guard’s solution automatically identifies and blocks attacks seeking to target DNS servers. The service complements SNAPI Guard’s other DDoS Protection services, which help safeguard web applications and network infrastructures from Application and Network Layer DDoS attacks.DNS-targeted

  • What kind of support do you offer for your DDoS Protection service?

    We offer full bilingual 24x7x365 support via phone and email. SNAPI Guard offers managed DDoS protection services supported by a dedicated team of experienced Security Operations Center (SOC) engineers. The customer will also have access to SNAPI Guard’s portal that will provide him with all necessary information, live monitoring and access to customizable reports.

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