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Publish on: 2 November 2016
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SNAPI Guard has established Canada’s largest DDoS protection scrubbing center in Montreal at I.C.E Datacenters’ and Metro Optic’s interconnection hub at 875 St. Antoine.


I.C.E DATACENTERS (Interconnection & Colocation for the Enterprise), a carrier-neutral and independent provider of network-centric datacenters and Metro Optic, its business unit specialized in owning and operating high-speed fiber-optic networks are pleased to announce that SNAPI Guard has established Canada’s largest DDoS protection scrubbing center in Montreal at I.C.E Datacenters’ and Metro Optic’s interconnection hub at 875 St. Antoine. SNAPI Guard owns and operates Canada’s largest anti-DDoS backbone.

“We are proud to welcome SNAPI Guard to our interconnection hub and community and provide our customers access to their critical services. North America experienced one of the most damaging DDoS attacks recently which took down many of the most popular websites and interrupted U.S. and European business for several hours. Fortunately, our datacenter operations were not impacted. This incident highlights the tremendous importance of offering DDoS protection from leading providers to customers not only in our datacenters but also in the Cloud,” said Michael Bucheit, CEO of I.C.E Datacenters and Metro Optic.

SNAPI Guard offers Secure Internet Link, Always-On Protection and DDoS scrubbing solutions to carriers, content and cloud providers. It will join a network of 30+ domestic and international service providers and carriers at the fiber-densest site in Montreal. Montreal complements SNAPI Guard’s presence in Toronto and underscores its commitment to North American expansion.

“SNAPI Guard is dedicated to delivering cost-efficient, responsive and scalable cybersecurity and web application protection to address the continued demand in the Canadian market,” said Michael Tememe, President of SNAPI Guard. “By moving to I.C.E Datacenters and Metro Optic in Montreal, in addition to already being in Toronto, SNAPI Guard strengthens its presence in a high-growth cyber-security market in Canada, and reinforces our commitment to meeting customer demand for consistent, cost-effective and reliable protection worldwide.”

As one of the leading providers of DDoS protection and web application protection services, SNAPI Guard enables Montreal customers to have 24×7 protection in the data centers and in the cloud. Montreal is a major media hub for the French Canadian market, and the region’s low power costs are also a draw for service and content providers and cloud technology companies. Montreal is uniquely positioned as a key aggregation point for international traffic, from both the US as well as transatlantic directly to Canada from Europe via east coast Canadian cable landing points.

SNAPI Guard is the first managed security service provider to provide complete cyber protection to internet facing companies, at a fraction of the traditional cost, while respecting Canadian’s data privacy laws.


 About SNAPI Guard:

SNAPI Guard is the fastest growing IT Managed Security Service Provider in Canada, providing cutting-edge and affordable protection to internet-facing companies. SNAPI Guard mitigates large DDoS attacks that flood the Internet pipe, and flushes protocol-based attacks (“bad” traffic) before they reach your site. Only “clean” traffic reaches your servers, ensuring your continued operations and protecting your hardware, software and network infrastructure investment. Furthermore, SNAPI Guard’s next generation Web application firewall identifies malicious traffic in real time using deep packet inspection and implements rule & policy enforcement to protect your website and applications from misuse of legitimate Web transactions, sensitive data leakage, web defacements and denial of service such as HTTP floods.


 About I.C.E Datacenters:

I.C.E Datacenters (Interconnection & Colocation for the Enterprise) operates multiple datacenter sites & interconnection hubs in Canada. These include a leading interconnection site at 875 Saint-Antoine in Montreal. Another flagship facility for Colocation and Interconnection recently opened in Toronto (Markham). I.C.E combines deep datacenter expertise serving enterprises and cloud operators in the U.S. and Canada with know-how in operating high-speed fiber networks. I.C.E serves 100+ clients including global network providers, Fortune 500 companies in industry, e-commerce, financial services and healthcare, the government, cloud providers, ISPs, content providers and CDNs across its datacenter and fiber network in Canada.


 About Metro Optic:

METRO OPTIC is an independent provider of datacenter-neutral high-speed fiber solutions. Since its inception, Metro Optic offers specialized telecommunications services and solutions to medium- and large-sized businesses, telecom carriers, cloud operators, wholesalers and datacenter operators. Its carrier-neutral datacenter at 875 Saint-Antoine is the fiber-densest interconnection center in Montreal.

Company Contact: Vanessa Graetz-Côté, Sales and Marketing Support, 514-954-1162 ext. 602, Our CEO will be available for interviews by phone.

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