Canadian DDoS Attacks On The Rise

Publish on: 17 January 2017
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The reality is that DDoS attacks are increasing in size and frequency.  Currently, attacks as large as 600 Gbps+ occur with 100 Gbps+ more common. These attacks are increasingly sophisticated and multilayered (Volumetric, Application, Combination/Hybrid), and can often be a smokescreen for other exfiltrations including extortion, customer data theft, loss of IP and financial theft. The means to carry out attacks are readily available via low cost (botnet, open source tools). The technical skills required can be easily accessed. Massive compute resources are equally available.

Research from the Corporate IT Security Risks annual survey for 2016, conducted by Kaspersky Lab in cooperation with market research company B2B International, was released in early January 2017. Its conclusions can be found in this quote:

“As we’ve seen with the recent attacks, DDoS is extremely disruptive, and on the rise,” said Kirill Ilganaev, head of Kaspersky DDoS protection at Kaspersky Lab. “When hackers launch a DDoS attack, the damage can be devastating for the business that’s being targeted because it disables a company’s online presence. As a result, business workflow comes to a halt; mission-critical processes cannot be completed, and reputations can be ruined. Online services and IT infrastructure are just too important to leave unguarded. That’s why specialized DDoS protection solution should be considered an essential part of any effective protection strategy in business today.” Source: Canadian Underwriter

Quebec-based SNAPI Guard offers a 3 part comprehensive DDoS protection solution that uniquely serves the Canadian market from within Canada.


SNAPI Guard’s Comprehensive DDoS Protection


There are several advantages in using Canadian based DDoS scrubbing services:

  • Redirection occurs within Canada, maintaining lower latency.
  • Data remains in Canada and meets data geolocation compliance. Very useful for government, financial and healthcare industry.
  • Canadian scrubbing service charges in Canadian dollars thus offering added benefit of cost savings versus using US dollar-denominated services.
  • Local bilingual technical support


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